For my Soul Sister written by Country

loveit  This is something I had written for Diva a short time back that she wanted me to share. This is what Soul Sister means to me.


The girl who cried cancer

By: Country

UPDATE as of June 10 2014 as you will see in the news article below The Girl Who Cried Cancer was arrested today. Veronica Rae-Ann Garcia of Christiansburg VA, otherwise known as “Noni” was released on a $2500 UNSECURED bond. The charges stem from the #teamveronica fund that was set up after Garcia portrayed herself as a woman suffering from Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian Cancer claims 70% of the women diagnosed so this was a scam that pulled on the heart strings of many well intentioned people. ¬†Feel free to post any FACTUAL updates in the comment section for review. I will keep readers updated.




I have thought for days about how to write this and what to say, I have felt like I am in mourning and I guess in a way I am. I am mourning a person that never existed but touched so very many lives. I am working thru my stages of grief the best way I know how. So let’s begin! Back in Oct of 2013, I was running an Ovarian Cancer awareness account, and came in contact with a lady that I couldn’t help but hurt for. Her name was Veronica Garcia, and she had been told that she was DYING from Ovarian Cancer.


My heart stopped! Here was a single mom with a child that was sadly going to join the 70% of most OC (ovarian cancer) diagnosis. I did the only thing I knew how to do, I offered my help and support. She said she couldn’t find a support group in her area, so I asked for a general location and got told many areas, for safety reasons I won’t share those (after what has come to light). I searched for WEEKS to find support in her area and every time I would think I found something, she would say it was either too far, or not the right hours, or just didn’t feel right. I finally gave up on that and started reaching out to all my followers on twitter, asking if anyone in VA would be willing to connect with this girl (by that time she had changed her name to Rainy Cooper) and offer her support. A few of my followers reached out to her, not sure if any of them ever met her in person (although, I find that highly unlikely due to circumstances later found out). I had kept in contact with “Noni” on TL and in DM. I started noticing that any time I would ask her questions about what stage she was in or what treatments ect. she was doing she would either become evasive or something tragic would happen. At one point when I pushed rather hard about her OC she posted a message about her partner’s infant cousin needing prayers due to having a drug addicted mother and having to have several surgeries. The next day she tweeted our “group” that the baby had passed away, many of us shed tears for the loss of this baby (it is unconfirmed if this is a real incident or made up). Another time in which I started pressing for information about her OC I received a response that it wasn’t good news it had spread to her breast.


I, of course let pushing for more answers slide because although I am not well versed in BC (breast cancer) knowledge I do know that it is possible to have OC and BC together. I kept having warning bells go off and my soul sister kept telling me something was WAY off about this story, but the soft side of me kept saying it isn’t possible that someone would do such a thing. At some point in Dec 2013, Noni had started making reference to a surgery she was having and even though I was about 40% sure she was stretching something, I couldn’t turn my back on her. I had worried myself sick over this woman whom I had never met. I had struggled with guilt for doubting her, struggled with fear for her child losing his mother, pain for losing another teal sister to this horrible disease. I was a MESS let me tell you. I finally decided to push past my doubts and reach out again, I mean SHAME on ME for doubting this beautiful person who was so positive while facing so MUCH.




I asked her what the doctors were saying, her responses are above. I didn’t buy it and started distancing myself again this time more. I would send out the odd tweet or reply to a DM but I was trying to remove myself because something just FELT OFF. I was going to ask someone I trusted to look into her claims but soon realized they had become really close. I started to REALLY think I was a horrible person for thinking she was lying. I mean just because she NEVER seemed to tweet about OC or attempt to raise awareness for the disease she claimed she was fighting didn’t mean anything did it? I convinced myself that I was wrong and let it go. She had so many fooled. I had even retweeted #TeamVeronica a few times because well it was the RIGHT thing to do. I had noticed that even though she had told me she had BC she never seemed to mention it. I shrugged it off because I wasn’t following her anymore and could have missed it. I just found it odd that all her fund raisers mentioned ONLY OC and felt like maybe that was because she had gotten all the info she needed on OC from links I had posted to raise awareness about it. The night before it was “outted” that Noni lied about having cancer, I spoke in DM with the wonderful woman who finally brought it all out. Noni and Becca had become quite close and I asked in passing how Noni was doing? She told me that she thought she was faking it. I was shocked and began to share my own suspicions about the entire situation, since I had first hand experience. I was unaware that Noni had never had her ovaries removed and when I found that out it sealed the deal for me. I had actually spoke with my friend about the situation and wanted to out it but without proof I KNEW I couldn’t. Turns out I didn’t have to, Becca went for it, she BLEW it wide open. It killed me to watch her be attacked so VIOLENTLY and I am ashamed to say I didn’t speak up, but I couldn’t for fear of making it worse, or saying the wrong thing like I so often do. Finally “Noni” for the first time in a VERY long time did something RIGHT, although to little to late, in my opinion because MANY good people have been hurt.


They say time heals all wounds, I know this to be true. I pray that this is the beginning of a healing for those that have been hurt, angered, drug thru the mud & slandered all because of one woman’s CHOICE to be EVIL.